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Biomedical Studies Toolsmith

Jan 09, 2018
San Jose, California

Biomedical Studies Toolsmith
4+ months contract (May be extended)
San Jose, CA

Job Description
The Digital Health team is focused on the development of a health platform that helps you monitor your health and identify potential health issues before they become serious. We are building a platform that involves sensors, data, algorithms, cloud, hardware and software.

Job description:
As a Biomedical Studies Toolsmith, you will be working with an agile team of engineers to accelerate innovation, discoveries, and the commercialization of new sensing technologies and their applications.  You will be developing, maintaining, and documenting tools for physiological signal acquisition, analysis, and the verification and validation of Samsung’s next-generation digital health devices. 
You will solicit requirements from the Clinical, Product, Hardware, Software, Cloud, Algorithm, and Quality teams to define tool specifications, develop benchtop and software tools, qualify tools to the specification, and document the steps above according to a formal quality management system.
Tools required include biosignal analysis tools involving signal processing, API interfaces to cloud databases, and computer controlled/automated benchtop test systems.

Work within a team of interdisciplinary engineers, SW QA, and V&V professionals and partners to test a complex, multi-platform system 
Develop methodologies to accelerate data acquisition, processing, analysis, and database ingestion on physiological sensor systems, embedded hardware, embedded SW, phone applications, cloud applications, physiological algorithms, and integrated services 
Initiate and devise data-driven statistical assessment of digital health systems through processing automation 
Document the steps above according to a formal quality management system. Qualifications and Experience: 
BS in Electrical Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, Computer Science, or equivalent experience 

1 year of experience in data analysis and/or signal processing, tool development for engineering and SW testing, and working under a quality management system, preferably with experience performing and documenting tool qualifications and using them for the testing they are designed for killed using data analysis tools to accomplish the above goals (e.g., MATLAB or python packages) 
Experience with data acquisition systems and database management 
Comfort with RESTful API usage via MATLAB or python clients Personal Characteristics: 
Strong organizational and interpersonal skills. • Strong written and verbal communication skill 
Strong analytical and problem solving skills